Serving the children of the world

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  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder

  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder

  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder

Almost like in every service club, we were moved in the recent corona time by the thought of how to generate funds to be able to continue to follow the motto of Kiwanis "Serving the Children of the World". If you followed the social media and the Kiwanis Magazine carefully, you could see some remarkable events put on by Kiwanis Clubs despite the crisis, also virtually!

For the members of our KC Deutschland-Netzwerk, the thought of how and which fundraising project to find was almost always the topic of our club meetings. The spark still needed to be found.

Fortunately, unlike for some other clubs, meeting online with members from all over Germany was not a challenge for us. By way of explanation, this club has been in existence since 2017, and the basic idea for its founding included allowing members whose Kiwanis clubs are closing or have closed, for people who do not yet have a local Kiwanis club, or for those who do not wish to join a traditional club, they can join our club and still belong to a "Kiwanis family."

We meet twice a month online and without a local connection!

Phone calls between members took place frequently, in order to focus again and again on ways generate ideas for fundraising projects.




This was also the case between

Christa Herzog and Kim Mueller.

Christa in Bremen, Kim in Staufen in Breisgau.

The distance did not matter.

Christa thought of a city run, but in Corona times?


Kim had the brilliant idea -virtual running-!!! Trust and confidence in her knowledge in the field of new technologies brought it all together. They were in the boat together!

Virtual is the new "magic word", i.e. to continue to engage with these new possibilities for a good cause and thus to enable children to enjoy the wonders of life.


This is how the idea for this charity event was born, enthusiastically received by all members of our club. Running became all-embracing movement that more inclusively became #KiwanisBewegt (Kiwanis moves). Virtual!!!  A challenge we are up for!!! On many social media platforms, you could follow the theme "running + exercise trend" as a virtual event by professional providers.

We analyzed this trend for feasibility for our cause. The club picked SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. in 2021 as the recipient of the proceeds.

Text and organization was handled by Christa H., the money is managed by Jörg Liedtke. All of the members agreed to be a part of and contribute to the event in order to ensure a smooth process.

But buying domain, setting up e-mail account, creating web page would not have been possible for the other members of our club. This is Kim's area that none of the rest of us could have covered and without her, such a project would never have been contemplated.

And that, as we all know and know, is what makes a good collaboration. Everyone has their strengths that are very relevant for a good collaboration!  Now the project is beginning to move!!!


We are pleased to be able to hold this event again in 2022, this time the proceeds go to Krisenchat.