Serving the children of the world

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  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder

  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder

  • Gemeinsam für die Zukunft unserer Kinder



Charity Event during the Corona Crisis

In almost every service club, the challenge of how to generate funds to continue to live up to the Kiwanis motto

"Serving the Children of the World" during the pandemic is a big one.


This led to us looking for out about feasible events on the Internet.  Many social media platforms advertise "running + exercise trend" as a virtual event by professional organizers. We evaluated this trend for its feasibility for our goal.



Virtual is the new "magic word", i.e. using new technologies to continue to get involved in good causes and thus enable children to enjoy the wonders of life.


This is how the idea for this charity event was born, which was enthusiastically received by all members of our club. #KiwanisBewegt (Kiwanis moves). Virtual!!! A challenge we take on!!!


The Date: May 1st, 2021

with proceeds donated to Krisenchat


How it works

By paying a registration fee of 25€ (kids 10€), anyone, nationwide or beyond, can participate in #KiwanisBewegt, alone or in a group (following your local corona rules!): walking, running, cycling, in a wheelchair or with a walker, all at your own risk, without a fixed distance, without an official time. Everything is possible: Motivated by Kiwanis to move in a variety of ways, with the feeling of setting out alone and yet doing it together for a good cause.

And off you go: visibly attach your start number, and possibly take Kiwanis Info flyers with you!!! One or the other passerby will wonder why you are running alone with a start number. "Kiwanis Event for Krisenchat"!!!!

In order to document the event through pictures, we ask the participants to share them with us, perhaps also comments, motivations and support by using #KiwanisBewegt on social media.


For the gallery on our website please send us pictures you want to share by email to


Running enthusiasts are welcome to post their target distance and post it with a screenshot!!


Our Part

The overall processing of this action is exclusively through the Kiwanis Club Deutschland-Netzwerk!

  • Confirmation of registration
  • After receipt of the entry fee, receipt of an e-mail with race number and personalized certificate to print out
  • Sending of the medal designed by us and manufactured in Germany by mail
  • The final donation sum and hand-over to Krisenchat on May 7, 2022 at the Kiwanis District Deutschland Convention and will be posted on our Website and Facebook page.


Sometimes it only takes an idea, supported by competent and positively tuned people on your side, and that idea can become an event! In this case, even during the pandemic, "togetherness" is already an EVENT!!!   (Read more about the development)